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About Us

About Fortune Wigs Overstock

The Fortune Wigs Overstock category was established to offer you discounts on brand new items that we simply have too much of. By default, each item is shipped not cut or styled.

About Our Company

Fortune Wigs is a family owned and operated wig business which began in 1998. Esther Tobias was driven to start this company in order to be able to provide women with a natural looking, beautiful wig at a reasonable price. Esther herself, has had many uncomfortable experiences when she would purchase her own wigs prior to opening this company and she vowed to make her business one that will not be uncomfortable for others. At Fortune Wigs, every customer is given the benefit of the doubt and is given time to make sure that they are 100% satisfied and happy with their purchase. Our satisfaction guarantee is unmatched by any other company in the trade. Fortune Wigs evolved to take on Esther’s own personality of being laid back and accommodating. Purchasing a Wig should be an enjoyable experience and by Fortune Wigs, it always is. As our motto goes “We are not happy until you are”. Remember, It’s not the name that's on the wig, but the name that is behind the wig.

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