Frequently Asked Questions


Human Hair Wigs: Frequently Asked Questions


1..Do you offer a guarantee or warranty for your human hair wigs?
We offer a ten day money-back guarantee on any wig (or accessory) purchased on our website. If you make a purchase and decide to return it, just be sure to contact us within 10 days of receipt of your order regarding your intention to return. In turn, we will issue a Return Merchandise Authorization. Upon receiving your return in original purchase condition, we will issue a full refund for the first return. Subsequent returns are subject to a 10% restocking fee. Exchanges are not subject a restocking fee. Refunds are not provided for special order or custom order items. Those are exchange / store credit only.

We also provide for a 1 year manufacturer warranty against defects in workmanship. The warranty is a fix-or-replace warranty, at our discretion. The warranty does not cover damage due to misuse or lack of proper care.

2..What is your shipping policy?
Orders placed on our website are normally shipped within 3 business days for in stock items. If you require faster processing, please call or email to see if it will be possible. Shipping charges are assessed at the time of your order and are calculated based on weight and distance. Generally we ship via FedEx. If you would prefer one particular carrier, please do tell us by calling, emailing, or leaving a note on the order. We can accommodate.

3..When I order, will the wig I get be styled like the photo on the site?
Our wigs are stocked uncut and unstyled. Unless you select to have your wig or topper cut and styled, it will be sent to you in factory condition and will require professional cutting and styling before it can be worn.

4..Can I send in a photo or describe a custom style for my wig purchase?
Absolutely. If you would like to have your wig custom styled, please leave a note with your order (there is a place to do so) describing how you would like your wig styled. If you would like, you may email us a photo of a style you like and we can then cut and style your wig to look like your photo. If you will be sending in a photo, please place your order, then send the photo via email to with your order number in the message header.

5..What is the difference in quality between the hair used in your Fortune™ European Human Hair Wig line and the hair used in the Mazali™ Asian Human Hair Wig line?
Our shorter European hair is sourced in Eastern Europe & South America. The hair is 100% virgin and unprocessed except for longer hair lighter than color #6 which is processed for color and otherwise virgin. European hair is universally recognized to be the highest quality in human hair available in the world. The hair is known for its silky texture and fine strands. Since the hair is naturally fine, no chemical processing is required. It is the finest and priciest hair available.
The vast majority of Asian (and Indian) hair is naturally thicker and coarser than European hair. The hair is treated to make it finer and then the hair is colored. This abundant chemical processing means the hair is more apt to frizz, does not look quite natural, and has a short lifespan.

Our Asian hair is different. We source the hair for our Mazali™ human hair wigs and toppers from a small region on the North-Eastern border of China. This area borders on Russia and the hair found in these parts is much closer, ethnically to European hair. Due to its naturally fine and silky texture, the hair requires no chemical processing. However, due to the fact that the locals have very dark hair, we do color process the hair. This can also be referred to as minimally processed hair. Second to virgin European hair, this hair is the finest in the world. Most of our business is done with this hair and our customers are generally extremely satisified. Our reputation speaks for itself.

6..For your European hair line, do you use only Grade A hair or do you use lesser qualities?
We only use Grade A European hair for our flagship Fortune™ line wigs.

7..What kind of hair is used in your Comfort™ (Monofilament / Hair Loss) line?
The hair used in Comfort™ line of monofilament wigs (designed for those with little or no hair) is exactly the same as the hair used in our Mazali™ line, highest quality, minimally processed Asian Mongolian hair.

8..What accounts for the price differences between your 3 different lines?
In comparison to other brands, a price point of $2,000.00 for a Grade A European hair wig with a French Top is considered to be discounted. 

The biggest factor in the cost of a European hair wig from Fortune™ is the hair itself. The process used to create our virgin European hair wigs and our Mazali™ Asian hair wigs are nearly identical. The difference in cost is the hair. Due to the minimally processed nature of our Asian human hair wigs, the expected lifespan is 1-5 years with proper care.

Our Comfort™ human hair wigs are sewn with a monofilament top where the real scalp is visible at the hair part for a completely natural look for those with little or no hair. This sewing process is also much cheaper than a French Top and accounts for the lower price of these wigs.

9..How long does a Fortune™ human hair wig last? What is the expected lifespan?
A European hair wig from Fortune™ will last up to 10 years with proper care and a wig from one of our Asian hair lines (Mazali™ & Comfort™) has an expected lifespan of up to 5 years. However, there are any factors that contribute to the lifespan of a wig including how it is cared for, how active the wearer is, how often it is worn in the sun, and if it is used every day or switched of with other units. We offer an 18 month warranty on our European human hair wigs.

10.Are your wigs multi-directional? Can I change the location of the hair part?
All of our human hair wigs are multi-directional. The location of the hair part can be changed. Our unique multi-directional part allows for unlimited styling possibilities, similar to naturally growing hair.

11.Do you manufacture your wigs or are you just a reseller?
At Fortune™, we are the source. In business for over a decade, we manufacture for our own line of human hair wigs as well as Private Label manufacturing for other brands.

12.Do you offer fully custom human hair wigs and hairpieces?
We do offer a custom hairpiece service. We create all types of custom hair pieces, from, full wigs to extensions and toppers. A custom wig can be designed to match your natural hair exactly with a custom made cap created just for you. To request a custom quote, please email us via our Contact Us form.

13.Are your wigs made with Remy human hair?
Yes. Remy is also known as "Cuticles Intact" and all of our human hair products are Remy.

14.How do I know which human hair wig is right for me?
The first question that needs to be answered is whether or not you have naturally growing hair. If not, a monofilament (Comfort™) wig is the right choice for you, designed for those with little to no hair.

If you do have naturally growing hair and are just looking to wigs as a fashion accessory, you do not want your scalp showing through (since it won't show, your hair will) as with our monofilament wigs. Instead, you would want either a Mazali™ or a Fortune™. The design of these wigs are identical. Both are created with comfort designed, stretch, adjustable caps. The hair is sewn with our multi-directional French Top. The difference is the hair. The Mazali™ line is created with premium Asian hair and the Fortune™ line is created with grade A virgin European hair, the best in the world.
For those suffering from partial hair-loss or balding (Alopecia Areata), consider one of out partial coverage toppers and toppetes.

15.Do you use baby hair?
We do not use baby hair in the creation of our human hair wigs however we can add or make a unit special for you with baby hair.

16.Can your wigs be cut, ironed, styled, or blow-dried?
The answer to each of these questions is yes. Due to the nature of the higher quality hair that we use, the wigs can be styled like normal hair, even using heat appliances like hair-irons. Like normal hair, excessive use on high heat settings can damage hair. Be sure to follow the instructions with each appliance.

17.Can highlights be added to the Fortune™ line of virgin European hair wigs?
The hair can be colored or highlighted as desired. However, our longer lengths lighter than a color #6 may be color processed and caution should be taken to test a few strands first to see if color will take properly. Coloring and dying should only be attempted by a professional. We do not take responsibility for errors made by a colorist. 

18.Can I add highlights to your Asian hair human hair wigs (Comfort™, Mazali™)?
Highlights can sometimes be added. However, since the hair is color treated, the new color may or may not take. We recommend against highlighting our blond wigs since they are already bleached. With either dark or blond colors, testing the the color on a few strands first is highly recommended. Since our Asian hair wigs and toppers are already color treated, adding new highlights and/or color is at your own risk.

19.What is the hair density of your human hair wigs?
We stock our wigs in medium density. Should you require lower or higher density, we can accommodate. Please inquire.

20.Can hair be added to your wigs?
Hair can be added by our professionals or by a 3rd party of your choice.

21.Are your wigs made with a French Top (Rootless Sewing/Invisible Roots)?
Our Fortune™ and Mazali™ lines are both created with a French Top. The hair is sewn through a skin colored piece of silk for a naturally growing appearance. We also offer monoilament options like our Comfort™ wig our Hugger™ wig as well a various toppers and toppettes. 

22.Are your wig caps adjustable (larger or smaller)?
All of our wigs are designed with an adjustable cap for maximum comfort and the most perfect fit possible. Read our Tips & Tricks for more information.

23.How do I brush a human hair wig?

24.How do I wash a human hair wig?

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