General Warranty

All of the products we manufacture are covered under our 1 year warranty. This excludes accessories manufactured by third parties who may offer their own warranty as well as items from the D.A.G.U. category and subcategories which have their own warranty policy outlined below. Our Fortune™ European hair Line is covered under an 18 month warranty. The warranty covers any issues that arise due to a manufacturing defect. Thankfully, our quality control is very good and most of our customers do not experience any issues. However, all of our products are assembled by hand and there is a tremendous amount of human labor involved in the construction of our wigs and other hair-pieces. Due to this “human factor”, occasionally errors are made that can result in an issue. We stand behind our products very strongly and always do our best to resolve any issues. If you are experiencing an issue with a product you purchased from us, please contact one of representatives as soon as you can, and we will do our utmost to resolve the issue.

When a warranty claim is made, the wig is received here and one of our experts will examine the issue and determine the nature of the problem. If it is found to be a manufacturing defect, we will either fix or replace the item at our discretion. If it is found to be the result of normal wear and tear, or the result of a customer error, we will notify you and give you an estimate on repairs. Most repairs and alterations are done on premises by our highly experienced and professional staff.

We cannot be held responsible for problems that arise due to customer errors like washing a wig incorrectly, dying a wig incorrectly, or other mistakes made in the care of your wig. If you are uncertain as to how to care for your wig, please contact one of our representatives or search our website for helpful tips. Since hair and wig problems are not always easy to diagnose, if we are in doubt as to who is responsible, we take responsibility.

D.A.G.U. Warranty

Human hair products from the D.A.G.U. category and subcategories are covered under a 60 day warranty against manufacturer defect. This does not include defects noted in the item description. Some of the products sold are sold explicitly with a defect and the defect is noted in the item description. An item sold with a defect is covered under warranty excluding the noted defect(s).

To submit a warranty claim, please fill out our contact form and place the words "Warranty Claim" in the subject field CLICK HERE

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