International Shipping

International Shipping Policies & Information

We are proud to offer international shipping to Canada, United Kingdom (Britain), Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Panama, Mexico and virtually any country in the world. We love international customers and have worked hard to make ordering internationally as easy as possible. To that end, we have integrated our system with a verification service that under most circumstances, gets your order approved within minutes. We have also added an integration with USPS international shipping so you can get your order without paying exorbitant shipping fees (get a shipping estimate by adding an item to your cart and click on Estimate Shipping on the right side of the cart page).

First time international customer coupon
Just to show you how much we love our international customers, please use this coupon for $50 off your first international order: int50

Safe & Secure
Every order is automatically verified to ensure it is safe and secure. If for some reason your order cannot be verified, we may require a copy of your passport and a piece of mail with your name and address on it before we can ship your order.

Shipping & Order Processing Time
Depending on your order, if the item ordered is in stock, it can take up to 3 business days until is shipped. With USPS Priority Mail International, it normally takes 6-10 business days from the day it is shipped to reach its final destination but depending on your country, it may take longer. When your order ships, you will recieve a tracking number via email. We recommend that you sign up for tracking alerts here, so you can recieve real time updates on the status of your shipment.

IMPORTANT! Customs & Import Duties
Your country may charge you customs and import duties on your shipment. We do not have anything to do with these charges and are unable to assist in having them reduced, unfortunately. Customs and import duties will vary from country to country. It is your responsibility check with your local governement before placing an order so you can know what to expect to have to pay in order to have your order released by customs.

Some countries have waivers for people ordering for medical needs. If that is the case, please let us know and we will note the item as a medical device (if it is indeed so) on the invoice. We are not equipped to help you get customs payments returned to you should you decide to return the order however your government likely has a process for this so please do your research if that becomes necessary. 

Orders that are refused by the customer due to customs duties will not have shipping costs refunded. It is your responsibility to determine your tax liabilty before placing the order. Please do not order if you do not know what your governement will bill you in import and customs duties. Kindly do your research before placing your order to avoid hassle later on and the potential for lost shipping costs.

Earn Rewards
Earn rewards that can be used like cash toward future purchases. Every time you order, you earn credit toward your next order. It is as simple as that. no sign up is necessary as long as you make an account on our website. For more details on our rewards program, click here.

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