Mazali™ Chop Human Hair Wig- French / Skin Top (from $640)

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Based our flagship Mazali™ wig, the Chop is a skin-top unit hand-crafted with high-quality materials and highest quality human hair. It comes layered and ready to wear out of the box. Depending on your preferred style, you may want some additional trimming. Please refer to the product photos so you can see how it comes shipped. Prices varies by length selected. 16" is $700, 18" is $750, 20" is $850. Choosing an ombre color will add $50. Ordering your unit cut and styled will add $198 to your order.


  • Remy (cuticles intact), double drawn, fine human hair. Virgin except for color.
  • Hair sewn in layers falling to approximately 2-4" layered down the back long than stated length when measured from the crown (i.e. a 20" wig will fall approximately to 22"-24" measuring from the top of the head down the back).
  • A hand-sewn French Top (skin top).
  • Hair texture: Available in straight or wavy. Wavy texture hair dries naturally wavy but can be blown straight or hold a curl. Straight texture hair will dry naturally straight but can also be heat styled to hold curls or waves.
  • Our comfortable stretch cap with adjustable drawstring for a perfectly snug fit.
  • Comb at hairline and snap clips around perimeter for all-day security (can be customized without comb and clips for those with no hair or those who prefer to wear the wig with non-slip headband for added comfort).
  • Hair vented at hairline for an undetecably natural look (vented means that hairs are sewn into the seam to completely hide the seam).
  • Multi-directional hair on scalp can be parted anywhere, so you can change it up.
  • Money Back Guarantee. 1 Year Warranty. As always.

Please Note: Highlights can sometimes be added to our human hair wigs and toppers. However, since the hair is color treated, the new color may or may not take. Adding new highlights and/or color is at your own risk. Only use a highly trained colorist. For more information, please visit our FAQ.

Not sure what size you are? Measure your head using the diagram below for reference. If you make a mistake, no worries. We can always exchange it for the correct size.


Inside The Cap Photos






 Close-up of French/Skin Top


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  • 5
    My 2nd one, and I'll be back for more

    Posted by Sarah on Sep 2nd 2017

    loving the layers in the hair, the way it falls naturally. I wear mine to work and no one knows I'm wearing a wig. Aside from the incredible quality, I'm a loyal customer because no one has customer service and a warranty like fortune. They back their products and always err in favor of the customer. The first unit I got was too small and they switched it for me without any hassle.

  • 5
    Another favorite wig

    Posted by Lori on Apr 14th 2017

    I just received my third Mazali chop wig. I love it! My first two chop wigs have the wavy texture. I ordered the third in the straight texture. I was concerned that the side bangs would flop in my face, but they do not. This isn't a problem with the wavy texture. I ordered the 4-8 ombre No. 4 is too dark for me but not with this wig because the no. 8 is on the bottom 1/2 of each layer, which gives the appearance of a very highlighted wig with dark root. BEAUTIFUL!!! Lastly, the scalp looks amazingly natural next to the color 4 hair.

  • 5

    Posted by Kerry on Mar 6th 2017

    I have been purchasing wigs from Fortune for about 10 years now.. the Quality has always been OUTSTANDING, as well as the customer service I receive.. but this one..OMG..I LOVE it!! I had a Beachy Wave put into it, and it turned out GORGEOUS!! I have NEVER been disappointed with any of my purchases, and on one occasion the color didn't work for me.. NO PROBLEM..easily exchanged! I LOVE FORTUNE WIGS!! <3 And Ellie.. YOU ROCK!

  • 5
    This is now my favorite wig

    Posted by Lori on Feb 3rd 2017

    This is my second Mazali chop wig. I loved the first so much that I had to buy another. I ordered the wavy texture, 12 inches. I wanted to try an ombre color, but the selections were either too dark or too light. With the assistance of Ellie, I was able to order a custom color ombre- 10/6/8 with 12, for only an additional $50. The color 12 also appears on the tips of the many, beautiful layers. This wig is stunning!!! Plus, with the wavy texture and layers, it is easy maintenance- I wash, condition, air dry, and I'm ready to go... I already have another Mazali chop wig in my shopping cart.

  • 5
    Loved it!

    Posted by Turana on Aug 2nd 2016

    Placed my order after careful review of like 20 other wigs and finally was able to make my choice! I want to highlight Fortune Wigs customer service and specifically thank Ellie who was super attentive, prompt and really helpful! Mazali Chop is absolutely gorgeous! It looks very natural and has tons of hair to work with! P.S. Fast shipping is also something they should be thanked for. I live overseas, so placed my order on Tuesday and received my package by Saturday! :)

  • 5
    This is now my favorite wig

    Posted by Lori on Jun 1st 2016

    I am repeat customer. I typically purchase the Mazali in 12 or 14 inches, sometimes precut. I decided to purchased Mazali “Chop”, 12 inch, wavy hair texture. I was reluctant because there were no reviews and I did not know anyone who had bought the "Chop" wig. I received it yesterday and all I can say is WOW!!!!! This is now my favorite wig, and I want another one! The wavy hair and many layers throughout the entire wig work well together, and it has perfect side bangs. I do not need to bring this wig to a stylist, which I would have to do normally if I bought an uncut wig. This wig is perfect as is!! My next purchase and my following purchases will be the Mazali Chop wig. THANK YOU Fortune wigs! Thank you Ellie for great customer service.

  • 5
    Why I am a repeat and loyal customer!

    Posted by Nicole on Mar 28th 2016

    I recently purchased Mazali “Chop”, 24 inch custom unit from Fortune and it is beyond words, but I’ll try my best to describe it for you!
    First of all, I have purchased many wigs from Fortune. What keeps me coming back is- number one, the quality of the units I receive and the service they provide.

    My daily routine involves, checking for updates. I always look for additions to DAGU, promotions or new products and more. They have been so reliable and I know that what I buy is going to be a “show- piece” and that is why I check them so frequently, because I don’t want to miss out on anything!

    With this most recent purchase, it mailed to me in a beautiful zippered wig case that reminds me of classic Hollywood, its round with a small mirror inside- I LOVE IT!

    The hair….all I can say is, “Wow”….healthy strands, absolutely cascade down like a Disney movie princess head of hair. I can glide my fingers through the hair and it feels so soft, silky and cool to the touch, with no resistance whatsoever. This hair feels strong all the way down to the ends. No dryness or tangles. Great movement, as I swing the hair back and forth. I check for all of these characteristics in a great wig. I know this wig will last and I have invested my money well.

    The cap is always true to size for me, large equals large (not medium) and it sits flat on the top of head- no poofiness or lift, like other wigs from other sellers. I believe this is all due to expert craftsmanship, quality check and professionalism to stand behind their brand. This hair is so designer and model perfect. I feel like I’ve won, every time I buy and receive my unit in the mail.

    Thank you Fortune for these amazing products, website, quality, promotions and being a reliable source for beauty, because you have improved the lives of people suffering with alopecia and other medical issues, as well as just allowed people to feel better about themselves by continuing to provide your service!

    Always the best!

    Nicole S.

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