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Monofilament Clip-in Human Hair Women's Topper

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This unit is designed to integrate with your existing hair. It is ideal for someone with some balding or thinning on the top or crown area. The unit can be clipped in place. If the crown area is experiencing complete baldness the clips can be removed and the unit can be taped to the scalp.


Mazali™ fine Human Hair Womens Toppers:

Style Description
This unit is designed to integrate with your existing hair. It is ideal for someone with some balding or thinning on the top or crown area. The unit can be clipped in place. If the crown area is experiencing complete baldness the clips can be removed and the unit can be taped to the scalp.

◣Overall lengths available 10"-24" (measuring from the crown).
◣Monofilament area (and over cap size):4"x4" measuring diagonally (hexagon;
◣3 Clips hold this unit in place.

Other Details
◣ Remy (cuticles intact) double drawn fine 100% human hair.
◣ Hair texture: Available in straight or wavy.
Wavy: Dries naturally wavy but can also be blown straight or hold a curl using heat styling tools.
Straight: Dries naturally straight but can also hold a curl or a wave using heat styling tools.
◣A hand-sewn Monofilament top.
◣The perimeter of the unit has 1/4" wide poly lining so it can be taped on to a bald scalp.
◣Hair vented at hairline for an undetectable finished look.
◣Multi-directional hair on scalp can be parted anywhere on top of the scalp in the monofilament area (4"x4")
10 Day Money Back Guarantee. 1 Year Warranty. As always.


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  • 5
    Excellent topper

    Posted by lia on Oct 30th 2016

    I purchase 12in of this topper years ago and have been wearing it nobody knows. Going to purchase a 16in or 18in later. I love the coverage of this topper and he hair is great quality it doesnt tangle or shed. Image-1.jpg

  • 5
    Great Topper!

    Posted by Panda on Aug 10th 2016

    ^_^ I got this piece in less than a week of ordering it! Very light and natural looking. The hair is very soft and silky. Would definitely recommend this piece! Unfortunately, my thinning hair progressed to the point where this piece would not be able to cover all the trouble areas (namely in the back). Those with more advanced thinning should consider the larger pieces offered on this site! Fortune has great customer service and a great return policy so there is really nothing to lose.

  • 5
    nice topper!

    Posted by Deloris on Aug 9th 2016

    I ordered this piece in light brown 14 inches long, received it in 4 days. The light brown as too dark so I sent it back with the help of the very good customer service department. I reordered lighter color and received it in 3 days,the color matches perfectly. I am loving this piece and had a very good experience with Fortune Wigs.

  • 5
    Hair piece was perfect color

    Posted by Bailey on Aug 2nd 2016

    This is a really nice topper and the custom color is perfect. This allows me to wear my hair in a pony tail, something I have never been able to do. However, since my hair is so thin I think next time I order I will get one that has more hair. i can't really wear my hair down with this one. I am still really happy with this.

  • 5
    This company and its customer service is the best

    Posted by KA on Jul 23rd 2016

    I ordered the clip-in Human Hair topper hoping that it would cover the thinning areas of my crown and sides. I ordered the medium brown(#6) and was extremely happy when I recieved it. It's first quality and a perfect color match. An added Bonus was working with customer service. Kate was wonderful and called me the day after I ordered it to explain that the length I needed was not available for immediate shipping but would send another length in it's place if I agreed.Within two days, I had my topper. Took it to my hairdresser and had it trimmed. Thanks so much. I will be a steady customer.This company and its customer service is the best.

  • 5
    The Best Topper Ever

    Posted by Bunnie on Jul 22nd 2016

    I wear hair toppers because my hair is very thin on top. I have purchased many of them, including one that cost $900 from my hair stylist but none of the expensive ones compare in comfort and hair quality as this one. I now have 2 of these and will continue to use this and only this topper for its comfort and natural look. I have them sewn and I sleep in them, shampoo them and dry them while attached to my own hair. They are the BEST.

  • 5
    I suffer from androgenetic alopecia due to PCOS. Thanks to this hairpiece, that suffering is greatly reduced

    Posted by Jen on May 9th 2016

    I have significant thinning of the entire crown. I ordered medium brown with light brown highlights (8/6) and used Garnier Fructisse medium brown which is an exact color match. The piece is not heavy like other toppers so it looks natural. I wore it without telling my closest friends/family and they just thought I had my hair colored. My best friend is a high end salon owner and she was blown away by how realistic it looks. The monofilament piece is actually a little to small to cover some of my thinning toward the back so I use toppik to fill in that area. I was terrified to invest $400 or more in a human hair topper with no possibility for returns so the price and return policy gave me incentive to try this piece and I am so glad I did. Next I'll purchase the 6x6 topper and it will be from fortune.

  • 5
    great product

    Posted by Sarah on Apr 11th 2016

    I love this. Its not heavy and is enough coverage for my purpose

  • 5
    LOVE IT!!

    Posted by Linda on Apr 6th 2016

    I have very thin hair on the top of my head due to an illness. I decided to try a topper instead of a wig and I'm so happy that I did! I had it professionally styled and had bangs cut. Nobody knows it's not my hair! I can wear my hair up in a ponytail, pulled back on the sides, anyway I want to. I hardly even know I have it on. Thank you to Fortune Wigs for giving me this perfect alternative to a full wig!

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