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Real Human Hair Clip-in Bangs

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Have fun with these amazingly realistic clip-in 100% human hair bangs. Don't have bangs and want to switch it up? Just clips them in to your hair, wig, topper or hair-piece in a matter of moments. If you love bangs but don't want bangs 100% of the time, this is the perfect solution. Scroll down for video

Real Human Hair Clip-in Bangs


Mazali™ fine Human Hair Women's Toppers:

Style Description

This partially monofilament partially open-wefted toppette is a very versatile unit. It has a monofilament area near the front of the unit for a natural part. The balance of the unit is open integration wefting so natural hair can be pulled through. The unit ships with 3 clips attached but the clips can be removed and the unit can be bonded or taped as it has a poly strip around it's circumference.

?Length 10" hair (measuring from the crown).
?Overall Cap size: 5.25"x5.25"
?Monofilament area:4"x2"
?The back of the unit is "open wefted" which allows for the natural hair to pulled through using a fine tooth comb for a more complete integration with existing hair.
?3 clips hold this unit in place or the clips can be removed and the unit can be bonded or taped.
? Remy (cuticles intact) double drawn fine 100% human hair.
? Hair texture: Wavy texture hair. Our wavy hair dries naturally wavy and can be blown or ironed straight. Some people who wear their hair straight prefer the wavy texture because it has more body than our straight hair. The hair can be heat styled as with naturally growing hair.
?A hand-sewn Monofilament top.
?Hair vented at hairline for an undetecably finished look.
?Multi-directional hair on scalp can be parted anywhere on top of the scalp in the Monofilament area (4"x2.25")
?10 Day Money Back Guarantee. 1 Year Warranty. As always.

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