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(These reviews were transferred from our old site. We left none of them out. Our new site has space to leave reviews on each product page)
review written by Frieda on 08/20/2010
Your Website looks Great! Its easy to navigate.
review written by KIM RICE on 06/12/2011
Alan- Thank you so much for all your help! You have a Great Company. You don't know how difficult it is to find quality wigs; let alone a Quality Company all in one! Just wanted to make sure that I ordered:
review written by Lisa C. on 07/27/2011
Everyday I like the EVA even more and am so thankful to have run across your company on the internet. In short this is one of the best wigs I have ever purchased. I consider myself an "expert" on wigs because I have bought so many and spent far to much money on them over the years. I have been dissapointed alot. The EVA is easily as good if not better then some of the most expensive ones I have had. I am so thrilled about the fact that now I can look and feel great and actually afford it. Thank you so much for being a company with integrity. I will definitely be doing my wig buying from you. Thank you again, it is really nice thing to do this once, and I truly appreciate it. Sincerely, Lisa C.
review written by Devorah W. on 07/27/2011
I just like to thank you once again for your great service. The wig looks just fab, it really looks much much better. I sure will refer all my friends and colugues over to your company. thanx again. Devorah W.
review written by D.F. Neznek on 01/15/2012
This was my first purchase from Fortune Wigs. I really did not know what to expect as I had purchased many wigs from other companies via the internet, all varying in quality, price and my satisfaction with them. My primary concern was a wig which fit well, looked reasonably realistic and at a price point I could afford. The shipment arrived quickly. (within days) My happiness quotient was a 4. as I did not have to wait weeks as I once had to when purchasing from another company. As I opened the package, I was hopeful but nothing exurberant. When I lifted the wig from the box I immediately felt th softness of the quality of the hair, upon further inspection, the craftmanship and the construction of the wig impressed me. I liked the fact the cut of the wig actually looked like the photograph advertised. As always when I first receive new wig, it is necessary to have it cut to frame my features. There was a minimum of cutting and styling for me to make it my own. I loved it! Thank you Fortune wigs!
review written by Ellie Foust on 03/07/2012
Fortune Wigs rocks! Ken,you made the difference, your working with me on the color,getting a sample of my hair, and special ordering the wig...I couldn't be happier! The wig, the color, the styling, all perfect! I will be using Fortune Wigs for all my wig needs...Thank you!! Ellie Foust
review written by Luciana on 04/06/2012
I purchased a wig from this company( Comfort line) and I am so happy with that. So girls, if you are losing your own hair and need to find a wig to feel confident again. You found the right company to purchase your wig from. Thank you Ken and I´ll be buying more for sure. My husband love it. Actually, he was impressed and this is great because I am going to make him to purchase more wigs for me. lol
review written by Aclop on 05/07/2012
David & everyone at Fortune Wigs really worked to get me the cut/style I really wanted. All I had to do was send them a picture of the cut I wanted and they duplicated it perfectly. I also received my wig super fast and was impressed with the beautiful wig case it was shipped in. I will definitely be using them again!
review written by Liesbeth on 11/21/2014
I have recently purchased a Hugger and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! The hair is fabulous. It's the only wig I want to wear right now. I even work out with it. Ellie (and Kate) where amazing in helping me decide on the length en color and the entire process of ordering it. Thank you so much!
review written by Daniela on 06/08/2012
This was my first sheitel that I have bought from Fortune so I was a bit nervous as I have bought wigs in the past and been terribly let down by other companies. Fortune have been wonderful to deal with! They always responded to my emails and helped me with any concerns I may of had. I am so pleased with my wig, the colour, length and the quality is first class. I will definitely be ordering from Fortune wigs again and telling all my friends who also wear wigs about them! . The staff there are so helpful and cannot thank you all enough. Thank you once again!
review written by Daria on 06/18/2012
I just wanted to send you guys a huge thank you. I just purchased two wigs from your comfort line (one long and one short) and they are absolutely perfect. I'm 40 years old, a mother of 3 young girls and I've had alopecia universalis for about 5 years now. I've had several wigs but none have made me as happy as yours. They are totally comfortable and totally secure and NO ONE KNOWS I'm wearing a wig unless I tell them! Thank you so much for creating such a quality product at a price I can actually afford. You have really helped me feel so much better about the way I look. You have gained a happy and LOYAL customer!!!!
review written by sara h on 07/31/2012
Thank you for making my first wig purchase an excellent experience, very helpful customer service answering all my questions and the wig is excellent quality. I will be back to purchase more!
review written by Daniela on 09/12/2012
Superb service! Really a great company to deal with. David and Kenneth has always been very helpful with any concerns I might have. Will always order my wigs from Fortune. Really pleased.
review written by Daniela on 09/19/2012
Would just like to say a big thank you to David and his team at Fortune. The service has been top and my wigs are beautiful. I have ordered a few now from Fortune and will certainly be an on going customer. Many thanks.
review written by Maryann on 11/06/2012
I recently ordered a wig from the comfort line and I could not believe how quickly I received the wig. The quality of the hair is beyond what I was hoping for--it is just beautiful. Now I am going to take the wig to my stylist for customization and I plan on ordering another in a shorter length. I have been wearing wigs for the last year because of alopecia and there is just no comparison between the comfort wig and my synthetic wigs. The price was very reasonable and I look forward to wearing my new hair. Thanks for the wonderful service.
review written by Sarah on 11/19/2012
I ordered a wig on line and since this was the first time I was doing such a thing I was very nervous. I must have called David and emailed him countless times. Not once did he lose patience and answered every email in a polite , helpful way. I have been wearing the wig for a few days now and have received so many compliments on the quality and style. I really feel I got value for money.Fortune wigs really lives by their motto of 'we are not happy till you are' THANK YOU!!!
review written by Linda DelSignore on 01/04/2013
I have been wearing the "Alicia" wig for 2 months now & it is by far the best purchase I have ever made for myself. It is such amazing quality hair, very natural & silky. My stylist says it is the finest wig she has seen. My deep appreciation to David & staff for their excellent service.
review written by J. Adams on 01/06/2013
I am very fortunate to have discovered your site by accident. I ordered one wig in the comfort line and was totally surprised at the high quality for such an affordable price. Thank you! Thank you!!!
review written by Judy on 03/01/2013
Great service, great product!!
review written by Bia on 04/15/2013
Hi I am here again for the third time? I just want to give my special thanks to David who has being very helpful and pacient with me! I own 4 different wigs and I am in love with all of them. I have one of each for almost every ocassion, night, day, party, supermarket look lol. Now I am getting a new one just for the summer! It's just like an addition! Despite of my Alopecia everytime I wear them I get all my confidence back again! It helps me a lot in the emotional part of my disease! Thanks again Fortune wigs!
review written by Brittany on 05/03/2013
For my second round with Fortune.. I am greatly impressed. I asked for a very specific custom color and it was perfectly made. I am extremely happy with what I have bought both times and will definitely be back for more. I have already started recommending and will continue to do so! Thanks again for everything!
review written by Melanie Winters on 05/08/2013
I am getting ready to purchase a second custom made Fortune piece. The first one is by far the best wig I have ever owned, and I have been wearing wigs for 20 years. The quality is EXCELLENT. No one can tell I even wear a wig and I love the versatility in styling. The customer service is also outstanding. Everyone is friendly and extremely helpful in answering the tons of questions! I will never buy from anyone else!! Really a great company with superior products!!
review written by sara poulson on 08/13/2013
To my surprise I received my comfort wig (to UK) in three days! After seeing a couple of wigs cut by their stylist I decided I really wanted Fortune to do it. Ellie was beyond helpful to get the style I wanted, I just love it, the best cut I have ever had in 36 years of wearing wigs! I have a silk top Mazali too, hoping to add more to my collection very soon. A very big thank you to all at Fortune you make me feel femanine again despite my alopecia! Beautiful wig, excellent service
review written by Hashani on 08/30/2013
I just purchased a Fortune topper after hearing about the great service and excellent quality of Fortune wigs from online forums. I have to say, I was very impressed with the customer service I received; Ellie was prompt and helpful in replying to my emails and helped me to find a product that suited my needs. I thought it would be extremely hard to do this because I live in Australia and was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was due to the friendly and helpful staff at Fortune wigs. I'm waiting eagerly to receive my topper!
review written by Beth on 08/29/2013
I found out about Fortune Wigs by doing a simple google search and I couldn't be happier!! I have been working with Ellie who is a pleasure to work with. I am on my second purchase as their wigs are stunning!. I look forward to doing more business with them in the future!!
review written by Sandra Solano on 05/18/2015
High quality hair at affordable prices that even come with a one year warranty!! Experienced and helpful customer service that picked out just what I wanted, now thats good business ethics and marketplace conduct practices.
review written by Karen on 04/22/2015
Thank you Ellie for such great customer service! I was not sure which topper would best suit my needs and Ellie suggested the perfect one. I needed to order a color from the color wheel and it matches perfectly. Great prices and great service! I will be a repeat customer for sure!
review written by susan on 07/16/2014
Love fortune wigs They have wigs for everyone ,There prices are reasonable and the quality of the wig is great , I get a lot of complements on the fortune wig I bought everyone thinks I spend a fortune on the wig ,I bought the wig from D.A.G.U. Promotion got a great price , I highly recommend coming to fortune wigs
review written by liz on 07/16/2014
One thing I can tell you about fortune wigs they have the best customer service from all the other wig companies. Its a pleasure coming into their store The sales help is always happy to help & most of all their prices are great and reasonable compared to all the other snotty wig companies out there. By fortune you can find a wig for every pocket. Great Savings.
review written by Kathleen on 11/05/2014
Thank You Ellie!!! I can't say enough about the excellent customer service. Ellie actually put on the Topper I was deciding on and sent me photos of her wearing it so I could visualize what it looked like.......Above & Beyond Service. So glad I found this company, I am excited to receive my new hair, that Ellie arranged to have rushed out to me. Even without having my hair yet I am 100%+++++ satisfied with the great service and help in making my decision! Thank you so very much Ellie!
review written by Rose on 11/04/2014
I was delighted to see that Fortune introduced the Hugger into their collection. For women with total hair loss it is a great solution, a hand tied cap and the custom mold option was exactly what I needed for a perfect and natural fit for my irregular head shape. I'd bought a similar cap style from China in the past, and know that these work best for me, so I sent Fortune one of these old caps as a template mold. The finished Hugger fits perfectly. The silicone bands afford much better security on a bare scalp than a traditional sheitel cap. It's all in that secure fit! That was proven when, on its first outing on a country walk, I fell down a 10 foot embankment, top to bottom. The Hugger stayed put, saving me from the added embarrassment of a wig falling off (which a fabric cap wig would have done). I have a broken foot but my hair dignity remained intact. I have 2 more Huggers on order now so that says it all, I highly recommend this cap for exceptional security. My one extra wish would be for a Hugger cap with the virgin European human hair that I love so, please dear Fortune, work on that for me for my future orders.

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